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View of Anne Arundel Hall dormitory steeple at dusk with fall foliage.

Information for Current Students

Honors Options

The Honors Option has been established in order to offer upper level honors students greater flexibility in fulfilling the honors course requirements of departmental and college honors programs. It is not intended to replace the offering of separate upper level honors courses, whenever adequate resources are available. Students should be enrolled in (or at least have applied to) their major's departmental honors program.

Students in departmental or college honors programs have the option to develop an honors option course if they are unable to take a departmental honors course required to complete the honors degree. An honors option student enrolls in a non-honors course and creates an honors-quality addendum to the syllabus. Students need permission from their honors program advisor and the Honors College for the honors option course.

Read the guidelines for Honors Options.

Apply for an honors option course.

Samples of student proposals.

Honors Seminars

Access to HONR seminars is limited by living-learning program membership, matriculation year, and progress towards the Honors Citation. Students should consult their living-learning program to determine their eligibility for enrolling in HONR seminars.