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Program overview
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Imagine Life as a Fearless Terp

The Honors College is home to six (eight starting in Fall 2022) of the University of Maryland’s highly acclaimed living-learning programs for students with exceptional academic talents. Students take 15-18 credits in one of our living-learning programs in order to earn an Honors Citation, which is an academic distinction notated on their transcripts. Each program’s curriculum is unique and designed to fit into the general education requirements already established as part of students’ degree plans. Additionally, Honors students have access to special honors versions of traditional classes ("H-versions") hosted by academic departments and the opportunity to join upper-level departmental honors programs in their major discipline of study.

The Honors College features small classes taught by outstanding faculty, an innovative learning environment, and opportunities for research and study in the Washington, D.C. area. The sophisticated academic offerings and friendly residential environment of the Honors College offers students a small liberal arts college experience nestled within the rich, diverse, and abundant opportunities of a big research institution.

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Each year, approximately 1,050 freshmen are welcomed into this highly selective academic community of scholars who call Honors College home.

Why participate in a Living & Learning Program?

  • Make meaningful connections with students who share similar interests
  • Increased access/support from faculty and staff
  • Professional and personal engagement opportunities
  • Academic advising and career planning support
  • Service learning opportunities
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Student Testimonials

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“I enjoy how [honors] classes allow me to explore my intellectual curiosity. This allows me to have a more informed perspective on events that have shaped the world in the past and those that are creating the future.”
- Derrick Boateng-Agyemang

“The friends I made freshman year! I still keep in touch with a lot of people from my floor in Hagerstown, and I'm living with three other [honors] students this year!” - Kayleigh Hasson

“The wide array of professional development opportunities and networking with industry professionals and top-tier companies!” - Alan Cheng

“The supportive faculty!” - Sabina Khan