Information for Prospective Students

The shield logos for the Honors programs

Living and Learning Communities

The “Living ” in Living and Learning

UMD honors students live what they learn. By living with others in their program, students are able to foster learning inside and outside of the classroom. Students will join a supportive, close-knit community in one of the five honors residence halls: Ellicott, Hagerstown, LaPlata, Prince Frederick, and Anne Arundel Halls. Living in these communities allows students to enjoy a vibrant intellectual and social atmosphere with peers who encourage their success.

The Honors College Living and Learning Communities help students:

  • Immediately feel at home at the university
  • Share information about the campus and classes
  • Make intellectual and social connections
  • Achieve greater academic success
  • Make connections with faculty members outside the classroom
  • Have enhanced programmatic opportunities
  • Receive specialized guidance on academic and career planning
  • Become more involved across campus and engaged in leadership positions
  • Be more deeply satisfied with entire college experience

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