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Annika Thiem, M.A. is the Honors College Scholar-In-Residence for the Fall 2022 semester

Annika Thiem, a Ph.D. candidate and assistant professor at the American Studies Program, University of Tübingen, will teach and collaborate in learning alongside Honors College students. This semester she is teaching HHUM205 Section 0106: “Negotiating (In)Justice Through Fiction,” where Honors Humanities students will consider the political dimensions of fictional narratives. The goal of this class is to see how literature, film, and contemporary TV shows dramatize various forms of injustice at different historical moments and how they criticize hegemonic power structures.

Theim is also teaching ENGL250: Reading Women Write, which looks at what a woman needs in order to write, what role gender plays in the production, consumption, and interpretation of texts, and to what extent women comprise a distinct literary subculture. Please check the Schedule of Classes if you wish to enroll in this course.

headshot of Annika ThiemPhoto credit: Friedhelm Albrecht / Universität Tübingen

In her PhD project, tentatively titled “Subverting Hegemonic Epistemology and Power: Ghosts and Spirits in American Women’s Writings,” Thiem puts ghost stories by white middle-class women from the mid-nineteenth to early twentieth centuries into dialogue with contemporary novels by ethnic authors. More specifically, her dissertation examines the subversive potential of the ghost trope, and the ways in which it is used by women writers to criticize hegemonic structures of power/knowledge and particularly epistemic injustice and epistemic violence.

Previously, Thiem worked as grant manager and project administrator of the EU-COST Action “Comparative Analysis of Conspiracy Theories,” an international and interdisciplinary research project. She completed her MA in American Studies at the University of Tübingen in November 2018 with her Masters thesis titled “The Puritan Influences in Stephen King’s Carrie, ’Salem’s Lot, and The Stand.”

What is the Scholar-in-Residence?

The Honors College Scholar-In-Residence is a partnership with the Honors College and the Departments of Resident Life and Residential Facilities. Visiting scholars spend a semester teaching an Honors College course, engaging with Honors College students and sharing residential space in the Anne Arundel Hall faculty apartment. It is a true living-learning experience!

If you have questions about the Honors College Scholar-in Residence program, contact Dr. Traci Dula. The Honors College welcomes visiting scholars’ proposals by all Colleges and academic departments on campus.

Past Scholars

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