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Dr. Gero Bauer is the Honors College Scholar-In-Residence for the Fall 2021 semester

Dr. Bauer, a professor at Tübingen University in Tübingen, Germany, will teach and collaborate in learning alongside Honors College students. This semester he is teaching HHUM 205, Queer Outlooks in Contemporary Theory and Fiction, where Honors Humanities students will consider the role of queer perspectives in both recent critical theory and fiction. The aim of this advanced course is for students to discover and practice ‘queering’ as a critical methodology, to consider the intersections of gender and sexuality with other identity categories, and to understand queer critical theory and fiction not as hierarchical but as complementary modalities.

Dr. Bauer sitting in front of Arundel Hall The Managing Director for the Center for Gender and Diversity Research at Tübingen, Dr. Bauer’s research interests are 19th to 21st century anglophone literatures, film and series, gender and queer studies, affect studies, ecocriticism, ethics and literature, new materialism, post-/decolonial studies, comparative literature, literary and cultural history.

Dr. Bauer is also teaching ENGL 359D: Special Topics in LGBTQ+ Literatures and Media; Queer Modernisms (0101) for UMD’s English Department this fall. Please check the Schedule of Classes if you wish to enroll in this course.

What is the Scholar-in-Residence?

The Honors College Scholar-In-Residence is a partnership with the Honors College and the Department of Resident Life. Visiting scholars spend a semester teaching an Honors College course, engaging with Honors College students and sharing residential space in the Anne Arundel Hall faculty apartment. It is a true living-learning experience!

If you have questions about the Honors College Scholar-in Residence program, contact Dr. Traci Dula. The Honors College welcomes visiting scholars’ proposals by all Colleges and academic departments on campus.

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