About the Honors College

Honors students in a group

Imagine Life as a Fearless Terp

The Honors College is home to the University of Maryland’s highly acclaimed living-learning programs for students with exceptional academic talents. Living-learning programs range from the highly flexible University Honors to the more structured and focused two-year programs [Design Cultures & Creativity (DCC), Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EIP), Honors Humanities (HH) and Integrated Life Sciences (ILS)] to four-year programs [Advanced Cybersecurity Experience for Students (ACES) and Gemstone (GEMS)]. Honors students have exclusive access to special honors versions of traditional classes ("H-versions") hosted by academic departments and the opportunity to join upper-level departmental honors programs in their major discipline of study.

The Honors College welcomes students into a close-knit community of faculty and intellectually gifted undergraduates committed to acquiring a broad and balanced education. The Honors College features small classes taught by outstanding faculty, an innovative learning environment, and opportunities for research and study in the Washington, D.C. area. The sophisticated academic offerings and friendly residential environment of the Honors College offers students a small liberal arts college experience nestled within the rich, diverse, and abundant opportunities of a big research institution. Each year, approximately 1000 undergraduates are welcomed into this highly selective academic community of scholars who call Honors College home.