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Statement on Academic Integrity
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Honors College Statement on Academic Integrity

The Honors College is an intellectual community that engages high-achieving undergraduates in the pursuit of knowledge in an atmosphere of honesty and trust. We support the University’s commitment to academic honesty and responsibility. Students are responsible for upholding the university’s Code of Academic Integrity. For more information on the Code of Academic Integrity, please contact the Office of Student Conduct.

GPA and Academic Requirements

The minimum GPA for students to remain in good standing in the Honors College is a 3.0 cumulative. The 3.0 GPA requirement is a consistent standard across the College, including living-learning programs. A minimum 3.2 GPA is required to earn the Honors College citation.

Individual programs may have additional program-specific requirements. Students should consult with their living-learning programs to ensure full knowledge of academic standards and expectations. Students are encouraged to discuss concerns with meeting minimum GPA requirements immediately.

Honors College Repeat Policy

University Honors seminars are not repeatable. These courses are limited or one-time offerings that are not available for re-enrollment. Living-learning program courses are cohort-specific and are not designed for re-enrollment as they are sequential, building on previous courses. In rare circumstances, a student may be allowed to repeat a course with the next cohort. Students are encouraged to contact their living-learning program director regarding any extenuating circumstances.

Transfer Policy

Generally, the Honors College policy requires students to meet with their program’s director or associate director for advising and consultation. Honors students who wish to switch out of their living-learning program are discouraged from doing so until the end of their first semester unless there are extenuating circumstances. Typically, students may only switch into the University Honors (UH) program.