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The Honors College at the University of Maryland fosters a close knit community for academically exceptional students and equally outstanding faculty. The courses and seminars are developed and taught by some of UMD’s most talented scholars and faculty, D.C. area experts and other professionals across campus.

Small classes, inquisitive students, and a multitude of resources allow faculty to delve into a variety of issues and inspire students. An atmosphere of innovation, discourse, and hands-on-learning exposes students to a variety of subjects and encourages new ways of thinking.

Current UMD professors can work with the Honors College to create new custom seminars based on their interest and expertise. Honors professors have designed courses on Mars exploration, national security challenges, and the creative process of dance.

The Honors College values the expertise and professional experience of experts in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. In this vibrant area, students thrive from exposure to this talented and diverse workforce of leaders and innovators. The Honors College welcomes the best of D.C. to help shape the next generation of leaders and teach for Honors.

For more information about teaching for the Honors College, please contact Associate Director Traci Dula.