Information for Newly Admitted Students

Choosing a Living-Learning Program

What to know about living-learning programs

The living-learning programs are designed to help students explore their interests, regardless of major. For example, Honors Humanities or Design Cultures & Creativity can be great options for a student majoring in engineering who is also interested in the arts.

Learn more. Explore the living-learning programs, watch brief program videos, and contact Honors College for more information.

Advice For Newly-Admitted Honors Students

Jayson DeNovellis

Jayson DeNovellis ‘21
Design Cultures & Creativity
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Hometown: Old Bridge, NJ
Go on the Honors College website, read the descriptions for each program, and watch the videos. They will help you find out more specific information about the program and life at UMD. Plus you can get the answers to specific questions you may have right then and there.

Jacob Lapidus

Jacob Lapidus ‘19
Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Major: Finance and Operations Management
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
The Honors College has a lot of unique, awesome opportunities, but it can be difficult finding your fit straight out of high school. As a prospective student, speaking with current students from the various Honors College living-learning programs helped me form an impression of each group's unique culture. In the end, I felt that Entrepreneurship & Innovation would supplement my business studies while also providing me with a fun atmosphere made up of dynamic, well-rounded individuals.

Siri Neerchal

Siri Neerchal ‘21
Honors Humanities
Majors: Mathematics and History
Hometown: Ellicott City, MD
Have confidence in your ability to make decisions for yourself! Your living-learning program will provide a supportive community and stimulating experience during your formative years in college. Personally, I originally requested Honors Humanities as a contrast to my major (math), but my experience in the program led me to add a second major in history.

Sydney B. Sharp

Sydney B. Sharp ‘21
Integrated Life Sciences
Major: Cellular Biology and Molecular Genetics
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
When considering which living-learning program is right for you, my advice is to do extensive research on the Honors College website to truly understand the mission and goal of each program. You should also take advantage of the opportunities to speak with program faculty, staff, and students so that you can select the program that is the right fit. I enjoy the Integrated Life Sciences program because it fosters a collaborative spirit amongst like-minded students with a strong interest in biology and encourages a lifestyle that includes community service.